Who Is A Social Scientist

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In early August 2017, an anti-diversity memo written by an engineer named James Damore went viral within Google. The company.

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Dr. Andrea Little Limbago, the chief social scientist at data privacy firm Virtru and former technical lead at the Department.

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The beleaguered German defense minister is poised to become the next president of the European Commission — the first woman.

Social media and the rise of “direct to consumer” politics. That company, founded by Mike Greenfield, a serial Silicon.

It is no easy task to make sense of U.S. foreign policy in the current era. Trump is wildly unpredictable and lacks any.

The Center for Justice grew out of a Criminal Justice Initiative started a decade ago at the School of Social Work, aimed at.

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FAST is a science exploration program for local high school students — led by Stanford graduate students — that helps inspire.

Geena Davis believes achieving gender parity on screen could happen overnight. The ‘Thelma & Louise’ actress insists there is.

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Here’s what that might look like: a savvy cyber criminal designs an A.I. system to comb through social media services looking.