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Climate scientist Katharine Mach is researching ways to adapt to our changing climate, including how people are being forced.

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Climate change is a nagging issue for many people because it is so big, diverse, and overwhelming, as big as the planet.

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Consumers have become more educated when purchasing goods and increasingly consider the impact products have on the world,

The study found that teens who used. As for teens accessing drugs and connecting with drug dealers on social media.

"There is a real crisis in our cultural understanding of the term ‘fake news,’ so much so that several scholars have.

Washington: Researchers have identified seven types of fake news, an advance that could help better spot misinformation, and.

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A scientist could apply and then gain access to data from 500,000 British citizens—the. Imagine the app getting passed.

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Dear President Brown, I was surprised by the letter you are sending out in reference to the Sarah Ihmoud case. Given my.

The Internet: Looking Back and Forward 50 Years. The Internet turned 50 years old this year. So where are we heading in the next 50 years? Here’s a look at the excellent report from Pew Research and.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, East German citizens were offered the chance to read the files kept on them by the Stasi, the much-feared Communist-era secret police service. To date, it is….

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Fans of Adult Swim‘s Rick and Morty had been counting down the months and days until Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland‘s animated.

Hearing aids have been found offering more health benefits than previously known. Researchers said the device could help.

Technology Creepy Music and Soviet Spycraft: The Amazing Life of Leon Theremin The godfather of electronic music was also a.

Washington, DC—The Taiwanese government must act quickly to ban gill and trammel nets and stop development from further.

The Trump Foundation found a way to profit from children’s. Donald Trump is a textbook example of a con artist because of.

During more than four years at Bain Capital, Deval Patrick insisted that it’s possible to “do well and do good.” Following.

The dramatic resignation of Bolivia’s former president Evo Morales and his flight to asylum in Mexico have turned into.

In his current role as Executive Director of What Works for Children’s Social Care, Increasing minimum wages doesn’t seem.

But it is the changes wrought on the political-social landscape over the past three decades when former BJP leader and Deputy.

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