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If you’ve been paying attention to games he’s worked on, you’ve seen the love of professional wrestling throughout his body of work; Travis Touchdown suplexes enemies to finish them off and Mask de.

The Switch exclusive sees Travis Touchdown entering the game world of the legendary Death Drive Mark II console. Inside are a seven different games that feature an assortment of action, racing, and.

Travis Touchdown is an incredible asshole of a videogame protagonist, and seeing him take the reigns for one more ride is satisfying as ever. Travis Strikes Again has a pretty simple loop where you.

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There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the return of Travis Touchdown, star of the No More Heroes series. Original director Goichi Suda, aka “Suda 51,” is back at the helm after years of.

Anime geek Travis Touchdown wins a Beam Katana and starts a new career as a professional killer in this unusual action game by the makers of Killer 7. There’s only one way to the top ranks of the.

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No More Heroes is returning for its 10th anniversary with Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on Nintendo Switch. The game will once again star Travis Touchdown, the video game-obsessed star of.

Yesterday’s big news out of Nintendo’s indie presentation was that the new No More Heroes game, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, will launch exclusively. a then-untitled game focused on Travis.

Travis Touchdown is back for the Nintendo Switch. We got a chance to check out the game’s co-op at PAX West 2018. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is the upcoming game from Grosshopper Manufacture.

Travis Strikes Again sees the titular Travis Touchdown entering the game world of the legendary Death Drive Mark II console. Players will be completing seven different games each with their own varied.

We haven’t heard a peep from otaku assassin Travis Touchdown since he last graced our screens in 2010’s No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Brainchild of enigmatic industry figure Goichi ‘Suda51’.

No More Heroes introducing “Life is Destroy,” one of several “video games” protagonist Travis Touchdown will fight through during the course of the game. If you missed it, the previous trailer.

No More Heroes introducing “Coffee and Doughnuts,” one of several “video games” protagonist Travis Touchdown will fight through during the course of the game. If you missed it, previous trailers.

Fingers crossed for No More Heroes’ Travis Touchdown, created by legendary game maker Suda51. Plus, we just need more Linkle. With Mario Kart 8 still being a gigantic hit (it’s the best selling.

Travis Touchdown and his cohorts are getting ready to make their Nintendo Switch debut thanks to the brilliant mind of their creator, Suda51. In the latest installment of the No More Heroes series,

Travis Strikes Again is a spin-off from the No More Heroes franchise with series protagonist Travis Touchdown still at the helm, but in a slightly different form. Those familiar with No More Heroes.

Suda51 recently spoke with us to explain a bit more about the reasons behind his decisions to make Travis Touchdown’s latest adventure different than usual. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is the.

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“Otaku Assassin Enters the Game World” — Travis Touchdown wanders into the game world and embarks on a rampage of epic proportions in this unusual entry into the No More Heroes franchise. With Beam.

You can see it for yourself in the image below. Ensuring that Dragon’s Dogma doesn’t get left out, the game will receive a Travis Touchdown pawn. This pawn wields Travis’ signature beam katana and.

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